Ryan Koriya Merch

Black man in a record store wearing a black Ryan Koriya Drowning In Space T-Shirt and wearing shades

Ryan Koriya (I See Hearts) is a Zimbabwean born and raised singer-songwriter, film composer and music producer. He has toured to twenty countries spanning four continents performing his acoustic passion folk-rock, indie pop. Ryan sees himself as a global citizen bridging cultural gaps and is currently based in Ibiza, Spain.

Ryan also composed and produced the original score for the feature film Cook Off which was the first Zimbabwean movie to ever make it Netflix.

He has also released various EPs and singles which some of the designs are based upon.

The RK merchandise for musicians can be found in this collection.

All of Ryan's high quality merchandise is available internationally with free shipping included. You are invited to send in any photos or videos of you wearing any of the RK collection for us to feature on our social media. Simply email them to merch@ryankoriya.com

Listen to Ryan's music and watch reels at www.ryankoriya.com