About Us

A Global Culture

ZimXcite is a 'culture fashion' brand created to make fun, interactive Clothing Wear for Zimbabweans and non-Zimbabweans the world over, to proudly wear and to help strike up interesting conversations about our potent land and rich culture. 

Zimbabwe is a small teapot-shaped country in Southern Africa but wow, does it pack a punch! Zimbabweans are a unique people who share a blend of hard work, high education, a sense of community and African optimism.

Our founder attended Belvedere Junior School and then Prince Edward High School in Harare, where his formative years injected colour, ambition and a thirst to excel beyond the borders of his beloved troubled nation. 

As a professional singer-songwriter and producer, he now has the privilege of traveling to many countries internationally, where he has seen first-hand, just how Zimbabweans the world over, are adding their unique flavours to the culture and economies of many countries, including Zimbabwe itself.

5 women at a hen party wearing Zimbabwean t-shirts by ZimXcite with Zim lingo slogans

Ignite Your ZimXcite!

ZimXcite Apparel is designed to help Zimbabweans transcend the usual questions we get asked about how come we speak English so well, or if Cecil the Lion was our next door neighbour. But instead, to help strike up conversations about our many languages, our breathtaking landmarks, our ancient traditions and much more.

If we don't tell our own story, someone else will tell it for us, so let's get to igniting our ZimXcite!