Sultana's : Spice-It Nice!

African family standing around the kitchen counter with African mother preparing food. Cooking.

This ZimXcite merch collection is all about appreciating the African Mothers around the world! 

My mother Sultana, has been nothing short of a warrior, simultaneously having raised a family and working an office career. The words sacrifice and hardworking simply do not cover it.

This Sultana range is dedicated to all mothers and gives you the opportunity to celebrate the mothers in your life, whilst also supporting a good cause.

Still working hard in an office today, Sultana is also a force to reckon with in the kitchen, with a talent for cooking up all sorts of deliciousness, including her popular homemade chilli recipe. This is hopefully the beginning of a business venture to allow her culinary passions to also thrive in an ever-changing world, where no matter what happens, people have got to eat! Making food pleasurable for the taste buds is one of Sultana's gifts. (Lucky us when we were kids!) 

Select your favourite merch items below to shower some love on the amazing mothers in your life and keep checking back as the merch designs and products continue to expand.

ALL PRICES include shipping and online tracking.  We are currently delivering to The United States, The UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, China and Japan.

Please note that Canvases are only shipping to The US, Canada, Europe, and The UK.

Profits from this merch collection go towards my hardworking mother in Zimbabwe, a place where life is still extremely challenging on a day-to-day basis. Where currently in our neighbourhood, she only has running water one day a week and power cuts are extremely regular.

Thank you for your patronage and let's spread the motherly love all around the world.

"Alone we are invisible, together we are invincible" - Ryan Koriya