Zim Aid

Two African men wearing black covid19 coronavirus face masks in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe is a beautiful country in Southern Africa full of 'sunshine people' who have gone through a heck of a lot in our short 40 year history as an independent nation. The current COVID19 quarantines have brought most people's income to a complete standstill, many of which literally rely on daily income to eat.

Part of ZimXcite's original mission statement anyway, is to keep reminding the world about the beautiful nation of Zimbabwe, abound with friendly culture and more natural wonders than you can shake a tik tok at! That way, we can contribute to the international idea of making Zimbabwe a popular tourist destination in a post-COVID quarantine world. 

We have listed a few Zim Charities in need of support that you are invited to donate towards or just help sharing with those who may be keen to contribute in any way. We will add more links of genuine causes you can get behind as we select them...


Victoria Falls Famine Appeal

Happy African women in Victoria Falls carrying buckets of water

Kidz Can Zimbabwe

Man standing next to a child with cancer on a MRI bed in Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit

Anti Poaching Unit in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Pose for a Photo