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Kelly Rusike - The Journey Continues T-Shirt

Kelly Rusike

Kelly Rusike - Zimbabwean Jazz Musician pens Global Merch deal with ZimXcite

As a member of his legendary band, Kelly Rusike had already released an album and many singles under The Rusike Brothers, alongside his brothers who were also a household name on Zimbabwean television in the 90s.

From performing for royalty in Europe to sharing the stage with many regional artists such as Oliver Mutukudzi, Jimi Dludlu and Rozalla Miller, Kelly went on to form his jazz outfit Jazz Invitation and as he says today, the journey continues as he focuses on making more music and reaching more people around the world.

You can now buy Kelly's new merchandise right here on ZimXcite and keep an eye out for new designs on the way.

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Available in The United States, Mexico, Canada, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Botswana, Malawi and Europe.

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