Lemington Muzhingi - Artist

Lemington Muzhingi - Tribal African Father and Son - Pencil Drawing

Lemington Muzhingi

Lemington Muzhingi Artist in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

I am a pencil artist based at Elephant's Walk in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. All my shades, light and dark are achieved by shading with pencil only. I don't use any smudging or smoothening equipment. I view that as cheating it leaves an unnatural plastic finish. Smudging doesn't leave create beautiful texture. When finished I spray with Artist's Fixative to preserve the pencil.

I like drawing African tribes because of their beautiful adornments which are a marvel to behold and have stories behind them.

Portraits of individuals, family portraits, pets, dogs, horses, are on the list of what I draw. Others have asked me to draw their car, bike, house, etc, which I did with pleasure and a fantastic outcome. In other words I draw anything.

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Available in The United States, Mexico, Canada, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Botswana, Malawi and Europe.


Lemington also takes orders for commissioned artwork.
Please contact him on WhatsApp at +263773738449
or email munyart.art@gmail.com